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Things I liked in January | EN

In these posts I want to tell you about things I liked from month to month. This will be mostly about my media consumption of the month, like movies, TV shows or games, but also about my favorite music or my favorite pice of inspiration. This will be a monthly post, so I will try to have reoccuring categories. But enough explanation, let's begin!

---Favorite TV Shows/Movies---

-Weathering with you- Weathering with you was a much more serious experience than I expected it to be. All of the characters are in tough situations in life, and the overall undertone was a bit sad. But the movie manages not to focus to hard on these situations (at least for the first half of the film) and focuses more on the characters and there growing relationships.It had alot of funny moments but also moments I shed some tears. Like all Makoto Shinkai movies it was just jaws droppingly beautiful and masterfully animated. Although I think it had a lot in common with "Your Name," I also think that the movie managed it quite well to be it's own fantastic experience.

-Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts(Season 1)- That show dropped out of nowhere for me on my Netflix frontpage and the trailer made me really curios. So I watched it an in the end it was really fun to watch and I liked the friendship between the main characters and the supercool LGBTQ+ representation. I hope there will be a second season because the end was a really cliffhanger.

-Haikyu!! (Season 3)- I think the only other sports Anime I ever watched was Captain Tsubasa and that was as a kid. Knowing that, you can tell that I wasn't really that excited when I saw Haikyu!! on Netflix. But I heard a lot of good things about the show and wanted to give it a chance. So I watched the first episode on a Sunday, and I think I binged the whole first season on that day. This month I finished Season 3 and I have to say that it wasn't that satisfying as the other seasons, mainly because it was just 10 Episode and it was just about one match. But it was a good setup for the new season and I'm relly looking forward to it!

-Carole & Tuesday (Season 2)- The first season of Carole and Tuesday was a real surprise hit last year. It was just so good, the writing was good, the songs where great and really catchy, the animation was amazing and overall it was just really fun to watch. Now I finally watched the new episodes and besides some really kitschy moments I really liked part two! Especially that it was a bit more serious in tone and themes. I'm also glad that it is finished now, so it is short enough to watch it again and again!

---Favorite Game---

-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-

Not much to say about that game. It is and will be always my favorite game to unwind and relax, besides Stardew Valley!

-Monster Hunter World- I relly had a long break playing Monser Hunter and it started right when Iceborn was released, so I didn't buy the expansion. But a few days ago I started to play again with a friend and what should I say, the grind is back and it is as fun as ever. I really am looking forward to buying Iceborn now!

---Favorite Piece of Inspiration---

-Boy by Una di Gallo- I did not really watch that many animations or short films this month. But I stumbled across this little tresure, it's the short film "Boy" by Una Di Gallo. I really like the whole look and minimal use of animations and music! Please watch!

---Favorite Music--- Two Albums I really enjoyed this month are "Pony" from Orville Peck and "Lethologica" from Faze Wave.

Orville Peck is one of my favourite artists I discovered in the last months, his music feels really unique to me!

I discovered Faze Wave through my weekly recommendations on Spotify and was immediately hooked. Their music just brings me a great melancholy sommer feeling.

So that's it for now! See you next month!


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